Meet the team!

Our small but effective team of enthusiasts, composed of heritage, travel and organization lovers, is well equipped to meet the challenges of modern tourism. We have been brought together by destiny, creativity and passion for our work and we all agree that the most valuable benefit and the ultimate reward for our efforts is our clients’ satisfaction, as well as preservation of the cultural and natural treasures of Croatia and the surrounding countries.

Robert Bralić

CEO – Ventula Travel

As the founder of Ventula Travel DMC, Robert is our creative leader and the author of all Ventula’s programmes. Being a professional tour guide, a history, food & wine and archaeology lover, it was only logical for him to start an independent entrepreneurial signature story.

Well-travelled since the early 90`s, Robert was lucky to have been involved in a wide range of businesses and activities that have all merged to make him a master in destination management.

Katarina Vukšić

Natural born manager

With her 20 years of organizational experience, Kate is a natural born manager and the core of our company business. In addition to being our quality manager, all this time she has been actively participating in the local community and leading the family-owned olive oil company.

Since the mid-90`s, Kate has been blessed with an opportunity to work directly with a lot of different people, because in Croatia olives are everybody`s business, so to say. Therefore, it is no wonder that we sometimes call her the Queen Bee.

Jelena Vrdoljak

Tourism & Hospitality Management

According to her own words, Jelena has joined our team in order to achieve her maximum potential in a dynamic and innovative work environment that encourages the application of her knowledge, skills, experience and creativity. Now, it is up to us to keep building the work environment that she deserves.

While Jelena`s BA in Tourism & Hospitality Management and a professional career in travel industry throughout different Croatian regions have been a true added value for our company, her politeness and devotion to both colleagues and clients are an icing on the cake of the qualities that she possesses naturally.


Security ?

Obviously fearless and bloodthirsty, she can melt even the meanest hearts using only her energy and appearance. Her her sense of smell is an invaluable tool for us during any site inspection. Her p.E.-degree in sincerity and spontaneity serves as a never-ending inspiration to our beings burdened by deadlines. Her hobbies are chasing cats for fun and eating ping-pong balls, while she can fight like a lion against a vacuum cleaner of any size, but only if it`s turned on.

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