Sustainability Mission Statement

Ever since the foundation of the company, our goal has been to operate in a socially responsible manner and to navigate towards sustainable development together with all our current and future partners and suppliers.

It is no longer necessary to look for a reason to act. Having entered Anthropocene – the latest proposed geological epoch, we are the first conscious generation witnessing human-induced climate change, unsustainable exploitation of natural and social resources for material gain, and the unconscientious or, to say the least, clumsy impacts of most intercultural policies.

It is in all of this that we find not only a reason and an incentive to act in a socially responsible manner, but a strong support from our customers who are proud to be a part of an ever greater momentum that is steering the world towards reversing the negative effects caused by previous generations.

As far as we are concerned, we all share a single mission – that of protecting the planet from ourselves, for ourselves.

Further below you can find our sustainability reports and policy in form of PDF document.


Ventula Travel DMC Team

Sustainability report 2019
Programme Sustainability report – Excavations of the Ancient Salona
Ventula Travel Sustainability policy

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