Altered tourism

What is alturism? Well, if the definition of tourism is a set of relationships and phenomena arising from the travel and stay of visitors, while altruism is opposition to selfishness, then these two words merge as water and wine, chocolate and vanilla, Stanlio and Olio. Travel with style; incognito and humane; do something more with your hands or your money, something noble.



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Ventula Travel at the New York Travel & Adventure Show

Last week, we embarked on a thrilling adventure at the New York Travel & Adventure Show, thanks to the support of the Croatian Tourist Board. The bustling fair welcomed travelers and enthusiasts from around the globe, each eager to explore the wonders of the…

Building connections: Networking and exploring on Sicily

Our recent journey to this enchanting destination was not just a business trip; it was an immersive experience that seamlessly blended professional networking with the exploration of Sicily’s rich cultural tapestry. The focal point of our visit was the prestigious…

Bura, Vruja & the Enchanting County Fair of Zadvarje, Croatia

In the heart of Dalmatian coastline, nestled amidst rolling hills and embracing nature’s beauty, lies the captivating village of Zadvarje. Here, the past whispers through ancient stones and dances in the wind, painting a portrait of a community deeply rooted in its heritage…

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