Liana Muresan, New York (USA)

The Ancient Salona program has been one of the most fantastic travel experiences I’ve ever had. It’s overflowing with historical and cultural depth, from participating in the archaeological excavations of Salona, to exploring several cities and sites, both on and off the mainland, led and organized by the incredible Robert, who went above and beyond to make sure we had a truly great experience. The program included 2 weeks of hard but rewarding digging under the overview of the ever knowledgeable Dino who brought ancient history to life, the most delicious and sumptuous meals, incredible scenery, and immersive tours. Highlights include olive oil and wine tastings, walking tours of 10+ charming and interesting towns, interactive weapons demonstration, and getting to know a great group of people in the process. If I could do this again tomorrow, I definitely would. I can’t recommend this program highly enough!

Alex Shulman, Illinois (USA)

It is a 5 stars archeological and cultural tour of Croatia. With every minute planned by Robert to the last detail. Robert takes care of each person in the group based on individual needs and preferences. I had many guides and tours in my life but nothing even close to the one Robert provides. Hotel is located right near Salona excavation site with beautiful view on the park from the room’s balcony. Room is very nice and clean. WiFi works great. Service is amazing. Hotel serves breakfast and dinner with large selection to any taste. There is a general store and bakery across the street. This was my first archeological dig. Archeological team consisted of 5-7 tourists, 10-12 students from Zagreb university and supervised by dr. Dino Demicheli. Dino is a great person and has extensive knowledge of history and archeology that he is willing to share. Dino supervised our every day excavations with detail explanations of how work should be done and why. All students spoke very good English and it was wonderful working with them everyday and share experiences. Daily trips around Split area cover diverse historical and cultural past of Croatia. Robert carefully selects guides for different places or guides himself. Each day trip is an unforgettable experience.

Daniela Wojas, Illinois (USA)

Ventula Travel made me fall in love with Croatia and archeology. The trips we were on, the food, wine, and company were truly outstanding. I had the pleasure of meeting the most intelligent and interesting people with unique hobbies and vast knowledge. Trips to the Archaeological Museum in Split and the fortress of Klis will forever remain in my memory. Just as diving in the submerged port of Siculi settlement. In addition, I absolutely LOVED the excavations in Salona – they were very rewarding! The group was supervised by a highly specialized archaeological team, Dino and Ana, who made us feel very welcome. It was truly a wonderful visit, and I will definitely be coming back.

Laura A., Washington, (USA)

I had an excellent trip to Croatia planned by Robert and Jelena. The food was excellent, the tours were all great, and the hotels were very deluxe. The Hotel Adriana in Dubrovnik was especially nice; we had a great view from our room and there was a nice area you could swim in the Adriatic right from the hotel. We also had a great meal at their restaurant. The second half of my trip I spent helping on an archaeological dig, which was a bucket-list item for me. Dino, in charge of the dig, was knowledgeable and patient with me and the other tourists. Overall, it was an experience I will never forget and I hope to get back soon!

Jessica E., Maryland (USA)

I’m not used to taking packaged trips. I usually do my own research and planning for travel. But I feel like I got to know the area on a level I haven’t with other destinations. I think you’ve fundamentally changed how I approach traveling from now on due to how wonderful this experience was. Thank you for hosting us and letting us take part. The attention to detail was phenomenal. Everything worked like clockwork. Everyone we met was wonderful, on time, helpful. For all the transportation, I never had to wonder where someone was or if I was in the right place. It all just worked exactly to plan. And given the traffic at Pile Gate, that is saying a lot. It was a delight. We spent part of the way home looking for rental property in Croatia. Whether on vacation, while working remotely or during retirement, I can safely say we’ll be back. It has quickly become one of our most favorite countries. It was one of the best vacations we’ve ever taken.

Mary Frenkel, Texas (USA)

Best vacation ever! Robert planned it perfectly and thought of everything. I loved how he could customize the packages according to my needs and wishes and was always available when I needed him or had questions before and during the trip. He personally selects only the best guides, hotels etc he knows for the best quality/experience for his clients. I will be booking all future travel with him and recommend him to all my friends and family. My trip was very affordable and he can work with all budgets. I also loved how connected he was to so many people and places in the country and was so knowledgeable. Five stars!